Understanding Mother Nature thanks to Canada’s Great Divide

Understanding Mother Nature thanks to Canada’s Great Divide

I’ve been living in Alberta for four months now, and my heart stops a split second whenever I realize my time here is up now. Ever since I was a young kid, I was fascinated by people, tons and tons of people, traffic, honking, trains, lights and buildings. Big, big buildings who give you this feeling of security (there’s a possibility that this only makes sense in my brain. That’s ok.)
The Rocky Mountains are as well referred to as “The Great Divide”. To my surprise, a lot of foreigners have never heard this beautiful nickname before. I cringe a little every time, but am happy to carry the name further because it describes the scenery just too well. For me, the great divide does not divide west and east, Alberta and British Columbia, but it divided my understanding of Mother Nature in before and after.

Most of my time I have spent in Banff National Park and I was one lucky girl exploring the change of the season from summer… to winter wonderland. Living in Alberta I was witness of the most breathtaking fall I have ever came across. Point being: don’t hesitate due to the time of the year you feel like visiting Canada. In fact, I would not have been able to see anything after all if I would have listened to the people around me calling me crazy for going on this September – December journey.

Today, I want to enhance you with a little sneak peak of Jasper National Park, located just north of Banff. The drive is around four hours, but definitely plan with some more time (it took us about seven hours) because you naturally stop insanely often to enjoy the changing scenery around you.

Make sure to stop at the Glacier, grab your warm thoughts and hike the quick 15 minutes up the hill to see nothing but white around you. If you are an heights junky just like me, don’t miss your opportunity to join the skywalk right next to the glacier. It’s an incredible piece of architecture 900 feet above the ground.

While being in Jasper, my biggest recommendation is to get up early in the morning.
Catching the sunrise is breathtaking, and numerous lakes and swamps let you take insane refection pictures! Of all the places I’ve visited during my journey through the Rockies, the Jasper sunrises have been my favorite by far.

Ever since I arrived in this beauty of a place, I have made my way from Jasper, all the way down to Yellowstone and I’m happy to contribute more stories during my 900 miles drive south.
Until then, keep moving!

By Explore like a Girl Contributor Isabel Encina

Instagram: @encisi